Promoting Bands Part 1

As I am always looking for bands I don’t know yet, I was thinking about starting a new category at DutchMetalManiac. It will be a category where I will be promoting some bands, mostly bands which aren’t that big (yet). Some bands I found while searching through other blogs/websites, while other bands contacted me to promote them.

This time I have 10 bands for you.

1. Aenaon – Progressive black metal

Aenaon hails from Greece and was formed in 2006, their latest album was released in 2014.

Aenaon Official Website
Aenaon Facebook

2. Despite Exile – deathcore

Despite Exile, formed in 2010 in Italy. Their latest album (and debut) was released in 2013.

Despite Exile Official Website
Despite Exile Facebook

3. Sotajumala – death metal

Sotajumala hails from Finland and exists since 1998. Their newest album, called Raunioissa will come out on January 16th.

Sotajumala Official Website
Sotajumala Facebook

4. Zavod – industrial metal

Zavod hails from Sweden and was formed in 2006. Their debut album was released in 2012 but they have now released an EP called Tsar.

Zavod Official Website
Zavod Facebook

5. HolloW – black metal

HolloW comes from Canada and was formed in 2009. Their latest release, called Mordrake comes from May 2014.

HolloW Official Website
HolloW Facebook

6. Deathstorm – raw thrash metal

Deathstorm comes from Austria and they released As Death Awakes in 2013.

Deathstorm Facebook

7. Spawn of Psychosis – industrial metal

Spawn of Psychosis hails from the UK and their latest album comes from 2012 (of which you can read an review by me here), but they have released an Nine Inch Nails cover in 2014.

Spawn Of Psychosis Official Website
Spawn Of Psychosis Facebook

8. Shylmagoghnar – progressive/atmospheric black metal

Shylmagoghnar comes from The Netherlands and their debut is from 2014.

Shylmagoghnar Official Website
Shylmagoghnar Facebook

9. Dot The Eye – groove metal

Dot The Eye comes from Serbia and their latest album comes from 2013 but now has also an physical version.

Dot The Eye Official Website
Dot The Eye Facebook

10. Winterise – thrash metal

Winterise hails from Iran and formed in 2013. They have some music on their facebook page.

Winterise Facebook


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