Promoting Bands Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Promoting Bands!
Hope you enjoyed the bands in Part 1.
Now it is time for some other bands, here they are:

1. Chiral – black metal

Formed in 2013 in Italy and already released an demo, an EP and an split.
Here you can read an review about the EP called Abisso and an interview with Chiral, while you can read an review about Chiral’s split with HaatE here.

Chiral Official Website
Chiral Facebook

2. Désenchantée – black metal

Désenchantée hails from India and was known as The End. Due to too many bands called The End, he changed its name to Désenchantée. Here you can read an review about White Lotus, the last album of The End.

The End Facebook
Désenchantée Facebook

3. Eye of Solitude – doom/death metal

From the UK, Eye of Solitude presents you some very dark music. Their latest release is called Dear Insanity, of which you can read an review here.

Eye Of Solitude Official Website
Eye Of Solitude Facebook
Eye Of Solitude Twitter

4. FromTheBottomWeRise – deathcore

Deathcore from Denmark. They just released their single Empty Apologies.

FromTheBottomWeRise Facebook

5. Lustre – ambient black metal

Lustre hails from Sweden and has already released a lot of music. Blossom will be the upcoming release.

Lustre Facebook

6. Myrkur – black metal

Myrkur comes from Denmark and just released her self-titled debut.

Myrkur Facebook

7. Nasty Crue – hair metal

Hair metal from Poland, is that a good combination? Hellyeah! Their latest album is called Rock N Roll Nation and you can read an review about it here.

Nasty Crue Official Website
Nasty Crue Facebook
Nasty Crue Twitter

8. Striking Death –  crossover/thrash metal

Coming from Belgium and released an demo and an live album, both in 2012. They broke up in 2013, but still worth to check out.

Striking Death Facebook

9. Urban War – groove metal

Urban War comes from Portugal and their latest release is called Reborn and is from 2012.

Urban War Facebook

10. Vallendusk – atmospheric black metal

Vallendusk comes from a place you don’t expect, Indonesia. Their latest release is called Black Clouds Gathering and comes from 2013.

Vallendusk Facebook


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