Live review: Saturnus, Officium Triste, Autumnal, Monuments at Willemeen, Arnhem, September 17 2015

When I arrive at the Willemeen, the first band kicks off. Monuments is a relatively young Dutch doom metal band with some black metal influences. They get 30 minutes to play their set, which they fill with just 3 songs, as expected of a doom metal band. With their very downtuned sound they put on an amazing setlist based on their EP December Sessions, which they released earlier this year. Vocalist Mitch seems a little bit nervous, but his voice sounds very on point and the band doesn’t make even one mistake. A very promising band!

Second band to play this evening is Autumnal. This band from Spain is simply amazing! Together with the guitarplayer vocalist Javier de Pablo switches between cleans and growls, what appears to reach the perfect mix of the two. With a less downtuned but more distorted sound they almost sound black metal when playing some of the faster parts in a couple of songs. I had not heard of this band before, but this show blew me away! Keep your eyes closed and enjoy their cool riffing, interesting drumloops, solid basslines and amazing vocals; Autumnal was my peak of tonight’s show!

With a crowd that fills only half of this already little music hall, Officium Triste drop their first sampled tunes over us. Being better known to the crowd, this Dutch band looks like they are playing a set that’s on automatic pilot and almost become boring during their first two songs. Charismatic vocalist Pim brightens their show up with some little speeches in between the songs, and my thoughts of looking at a boring show disappear as they continue. With well-known songs like This Is Goodbye, My Charcoal Heart and This Inner Twist they play a solid show with every element in it that you may expect from a doom metal act.

When Saturnus starts with Litany of Rain (30 minutes behind on schedule!) the crowd still fills only half of the Willemeen. These guys don’t care though, and blow the few people that are present away with their bombastic sound. If you want to know the definition of ‘bombastic’, go to a show of these Danish giants. With some classics like All Alone, Inflame Thy Heart and I Love Thee they play a memorable set, and despite being a band for over 20 years they show the crowd that they haven’t lost their touch.

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