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Maybe you’ve already seen part 1 and part 2 of the Promoting Bands category on DutchMetalManiac.
In case you haven’t, since it’s been a while, be sure to check them out and read the description of this category below.

I started this category because I am always looking for bands I don’t know yet. This will be a place where I will be promoting some bands which mostly aren’t that big (yet). Some of them I found while searching through the internet, some contacted me to promote them. If you want to be part of this be sure to contact us by [email protected].

So, here’s part 3:

1. Karnon – progressive black/death

Karnon is active since 2013 and just released their debut EP Le Temps Sombre, which you can listen below.

Karnon Facebook
Karnon Twitter

2. Deep Mountains – atmospheric black metal

Hailing from China, Deep Mountains have already released an EP, one full-length and one live album, while their new album will come soon. Listen to their first full-length Lake Of Solace below.

Deep Mountains Facebook

3. Moker – brutal death

Moker hails from Belgium and already released a split and three albums, I just discovered them and below you can listen to their latest album Satan’s Den.

Moker Facebook

4. Hell Puppets – horror metal

Hell Puppets make some kind of horror metal and I think it’s very cool. Below you can check their video for the track called We Are The Enemy.

Hell Puppets Facebook

5. Idek. – experimental metal

Idek. is a band from The Netherlands which just started last year. I just discovered them and below you can check their first single from their debut EP for the track A Fool’s Gold.

Idek. Facebook

6. Raubtier – industrial metal

Raubtier just released their latest album Bärsärkagång, which is great in my opinion. You can read our review of Bärsärkagång here and read an interview with vocalist/guitarist Hulkoff here. Besides that check their song Bothniablod below.

Raubtier Facebook

7. Motus Tenebrae – doom/gothic metal

Motus Tenebrae just released their album Deathrising which sounds great. Check their song Light That We Are from that album below.

Motus Tenebrae Facebook

8. Zafakon – thrash metal

Zafakon released their latest album Release in December last year. They hail from Puerto Rico and play good thrash metal. Check album track Ecosfear below.

Zafakon Facebook

9. Project Pain – thrash metal

Another thrash metal band, this time from The Netherlands. But not just another thrash metal band, these guys play their music very nicely. Read our review about their recent album Thrashed To Kill here and be sure to check their video for Flatline Invasion below.

Project Pain Facebook

10. Cruenta Lacrymis – symphonic dark death metal

Cruenta Lacrymis is a very nice sounding band. They released their album Sweetness And Blasphemy last year and I think it is great. Watch their video for Mother Of Sigh (coming from Sweetness And Blasphemy) below.

Cruenta Lacrymis Facebook

Hope you liked these bands and watch out for more parts of promoting bands in the future!
Be sure to contact us if you want to be in this category.

Tim van Velthuysen


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