Promoting bands part 4


A little bit more than a week ago I posted part 3 of Promoting Bands. Check it here and from there you can go to the earlier parts if you want.

Now it is time for part 4! Some more bands than usual, but they are all great. So be sure to check them and support them.

Once again, if you want to be part of Promoting Bands be sure to contact us by [email protected]!

Let’s go:

1. Waldgeflüster

Waldgeflüster is a black metal band from Germany. They will soon release an split with Panopticon. Below you can listen to their latest full-length album released in 2014, called Meine Fesseln.

Waldgeflüster Facebook
Waldgeflüster Twitter

2. Reaper

Reaper hails from Liverpool, UK and play some very nice thrash. Check two songs from below, Sixth Circle Of Hell and Area 51.

Reaper Facebook

3. As I Rise

German band As I Rise is going to release their debut album soon and after hearing the album teaser, which you can check on their Facebook (direct link), I think it’s going to be very great.

As I Rise Facebook

4. Armed Chaos

Armed Chaos also play thrash metal, but they are coming from the US. Check some songs from them in the player below.

Armed Chaos Facebook

5. Solus

Also another black metal band, this time it’s about Solus. I’ve just discovered them through their Forgotten Visions demo, which you can check here.

Solus Facebook

6. Angur

Angur plays pagan black metal. Last year they released Ego, you can listen to it below.

Angur Facebook

7. An Erotic End Of Times

An Erotic End Of Times plays music that can’t be described very easily. So you can listen to their song I Am Become Death here and like their Facebook page if you like it.

An Erotic End Of Times Facebook

8. Parius

Last year Parius released their latest effort called Saturnine. It has become a really great death metal album. Listen for yourself and I hope you like it too!

Parius Facebook

9. Bark

Hailing from Belgium and playing very nice music, here is Bark. They just delivered their album Voice Of Dog, go listen to it.

Bark Facebook

10. Lagerstein

Lagerstein are from Australia and play pirate metal. So pass on the bottle and check their video for Drink The Rum below.

Lagerstein Facebook

11. Nox Aeterna

Hailing from The Netherlands here is melodic death metal band Nox Aeterna! Taken from their latest album The Desperation Deal this is their video for Einarr’s Remembrance.

Nox Aeterna Facebook

12. Viverna

Another band I discovered recently is Viverna. They play very nice, dark music and I discovered them through the song below.

Viverna Facebook

13. Urdarmani

Urdarmani just released Njorun and I can describe their album, but honestly said you have to listen for yourself, it is very great!

Urdarmani Facebook

14. Sear Bliss

I just discovered this Hungarian symphonic black metal band, but I think it’s very nice! I discovered them through the video below.

Sear Bliss Facebook

15. Carthagods

Carthagods, from Tunisia (!) released their self-titled album last year and I just heard from them. Below is one song from that album featuring Mark Jansen from Epica.

Carthagods Facebook

Hope you liked the bands and till next time!
Be sure to contact us if you want to be part of this!

Tim van Velthuysen


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