Review: Damn Pigeon – Screaming Vibrations

Some weeks before the lads released their 4th fab opus on 21st July 2018, Screaming Vibrations, actual pigeons began to roost on my balcony, the first time ever. A good sign of things to come and definitely, and most interestingly, NOT a lot of crap on my deck! None, actually.

Joe Edmiston – guitars, keyboards and backing vocals, Doug Weir – lead vocals, guitars, Steve Proctor – guitars and backing vocals, Jason Latimer – drums and backing vocals, Steve Proud – bass guitars, backing vocals…

…have done it again.

Another 10/10 piece of plastic! Randomly selected: Back Page News is a head bobbing back beat pounder with the familiar, lovely harmonies. Blistering guitar solo and excellent, thoughtful writing, this one really resonates. Love the steady outro at 2:48!

A definite upcoming concert screamer of Hell Yeah is something we can all relate to. Nice scream at 2:23, Doug! Can’t wait to pump air fist to this at the live show at the Rockpile – Toronto, 15 Sept 2018.

Move is a pensive, solid rocker with a message for us all! Never Go Back hits me hard in the heart, love the chorus; haunting and strong as it builds, One Life…. Wow, I think this might be my favourite; a bluesy, hand clapping softer toned song.

The title track suddenly rips you out of your calmness with a driving beat and revving guitars.

There Instead of Here’s mezzo suddenly changes rhythm and almost slides into a death-metal tone at 2:08! A mix of metal, prog rock, haunting vocals is next… how do you guys do it? This might now be my fave track!

No sorry, it’s Time Forgets Your Name… the rhythm change bit with the talk at 2:55…. Um, teared up here; where did your emotional fuel for this bit come from?! A 15/10 on this track alone for me.

This is a super-solid and refined record here with The Pigeons not holding to any style, letting their easily apparent love of music flow naturally. They are hard to nail down, just like any other pigeon.

This record offers a new look at the future, a steady move forward for the band and importantly, more rock to the catalog. Don’t get Unravelled, don’t become Unsane; get the record and more, see them live for a full arena experience in some great, up close venues.

Again, in case you missed it up top, 10/10.

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