Review: Fetor – No Poems Just Slam

The title No Poems Just Slam of course already gives away something. In case that title isn’t clear enough for you, looking at the track list probably is. With track titles like From Neck To Crotch, Needle In The Nail and Worms In The Cross Of Jesus, it probably is clear enough. This album contains very heavy music. Fetor, consisting of Ojciec (vocals), Jakub Ryt (guitars, bass), Beton (bass) and Jacek Gut (drums), was formed in 2014. Since that time they released a split (Human Abattoir, 2015) and a full-length (Abandoned Hope, 2016). This No Poems Just Slam is their first live-album, recorded at the Grind’Em All Festival on October 24th, 2015. No Poems Just Slam is released via Mythrone Promotion on May 19th, 2018.

Starting with a little bit of talking, Fetor soon starts with their first track, Abandoned Hope. The tempo at the beginning of this track is still a bit slower, but things will speed up very soon.

The instrument immediately standing out is the bass with its roaring sound. The music Fetor delivers on No Poems Just Slam overall contains a very strong bass-sound. Of course, all instruments are sounding very heavy, but the bass is standing out in particular.

The music Fetor plays is very heavy and solid. Overall, the tempo of their music is very high and everything gets an extra heavy layer due to the very deep grunts and pig squeals of vocalist Ojciec.

The band plays very tight and the production of this live-album is very decent, especially for the filthy, gory grind/slam-standards. However, it for sure doesn’t detract from Fetor’s music, it is definitely not that polished.

No Poems Just Slam contains a lot of energy, so sitting quiet while listening to this live-album for sure will be difficult. This of course is a live-album and not a real concert-experience while being there yourself, however I can for sure imagine how many energy will come from the stage during a Fetor-concert.

The only thing I don’t understand is the choice for the track of the encore, because this is the already earlier played track From Neck To Crotch again.

Fetor delivered a nice live-album with No Poems Just Slam containing a lot of energy. In case you aren’t/weren’t able to see Fetor live, No Poems Just Slam will give you a pretty good idea of how it will be.

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