Live review: Anvil, A Rebel Few, Chainfall and Demolition Rage at Spot 1, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, October 12th, 2018

Sometimes, going in through the outdoor is a good thing. Led Zeppelin thinks so, and, trying to find the main door to the venue, I accidentally walked in on the hammering of Anvil’s soundcheck! I thought I might be shooed but was welcomed a la True Canadiana, invited to sit at the most excellent swag table and chat and briefly meet with Rob, Christ and Lips!

Lips. Standing in front of this Canadian bastion of perseverance, I could sense the pounding The Master Anvillian had taken over the years as he spoke very forthrightly about the music scene and specifically of ‘friends’ that have come and gone through their career. We connected on that to be sure; the fluidity of how people act when you’re successful and how they truly are when you’re not. It was an excellent conversation, never forgotten.

Sadly, had to share the man with the house of adoring fans and to complete the soundcheck!

Spot 1 is a cool spot! A very nice, homey atmosphere and garage doors that open from the restaurant to the venue! Awesome! The Spot 1 burger is exceptional and big thanks to Kara (? hope that’s right!) and her team for taking such good care of me!

While I sadly missed much of the openers, what I saw and heard from Chainfall and Demolition Rage was nothing but pure guts and hard, sweaty ripper playing! Where the hell have I been, I missed these guys? The local crowd was very knowledgeable and appreciative, especially cowboy hat dude who knew virtually everyone’s lyrics and music. Serious serious fandom and it was refreshing to see! Some killer tunes lads, pulse pounding, fast and tight! Let’s talk more!

We’ve reviewed A Rebel Few before here and they haven’t disappointed yet. The D.I.R.T Bags for Life hammered the small stage with everything they had with a crisp, loud sound.

Finally, Anvil took to the stage, overshadowed by Rob Reiner’s massive drum kit, and thrashing it out with great hits; Metal on Metal, Daggers and Rum, my fave, Badass Rock n Roll which I think I hurt myself rockin’ to. A thumptastic drum solo from Rob also. Christ was animated, hilarious and jived incredibly with Lips, making full use of every inch of small stage. An intricate and talented bassist, he hammered the sound boards and kept the woofers bubbling.

They gave all to every chorus, every song, every note with friendly and raucous banter. Plus a metal edge that clearly has kept them as metal icons all this time. I was so fortunate to be front row, for my first ever, (despite following and supporting the band for many years), and certainly not last Anvil show.

Near perfect set. Just. One. Thing. NO Show Me Your Tits. Maybe I’m reaching but even shouting “Show Me…?” and NO reaction from the audience was its death knell that night. AND, in my view, a horribly over-covered Born to be Wild. A catalog like that???.. ah well, it was done superbly, of course, but, y’know fans and their neediness…

10/10 regardless of the lack of tits, Lips!

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  • Thanks Man loved your review sorry you didnt see or catch much of Demolition Rage we have another opening show Dec 7th at the Rockpile this event is possibly for a Charity we have played for in the past and I am partial too being a single Dad. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to chat about us either on our Face Book page or by email : [email protected] thanks again and thanks for the kudos to our band.
    Metal Madness, Kevin Brazolot.

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