Live review: Damn Pigeon at The Rockpile, Toronto, ON, Canada, September 15th, 2018

Once again, the Pigeons have come to roost!

This time, their first time, at the Rockpile in Toronto, ON Canada! Clearly these boys need a larger stage to perform, but EVERYone must play the Rockpile! This is an excellent venue to get up close and personal with your band, A host to many when you check out the classic wall of pictures.

The energy is palpable when they play. We are glad for their intro at this iconic metal venue, despite the  smallish crowd, who still gave what they could. I was glad in a way, as I could selfishly obscure people’s line of sight by standing right up there! Hope I didn’t break your vibe too much lads but the musical groove was just too damned good to be sitting down.

A blistering, yet painfully brief set of their classics such as Starlight, the powerful hit title track from Screaming Vibrations, and my favourite Haunted, showcased exceptionally tight playing and all around fun. These boys clearly have something rock n roll to say, and its obvious from their latest release and their previous three.

Oh and you just HAVE to hear Stripper Crotch too. Horrifyingly hilarious and just in time for Halloween.

Of course their standard, searing cover of Rammstein’s Du Hast is always well appreciated.

Like true old school rockers, they had to set up, quick to little to no sound check, deal with me being a googly starstruck fan hanging around, play their asses off, tear down, be polite and courteous to The Swaggers (cool winter beanie!) and  a mid morning 2+ hour drive back to St. Thomas!

They will be playing the Back Alley bar and Grill again November 3, 2018! Check DutchMetalManiac’s review of their last show here!

You can also check our reviews of their albums Whisky Sinners here and Screaming Vibrations here, as well as our interview with them here.

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