Live review: Nervosa and Rezet at dB’s, Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 2nd, 2019

A lot of denim and battle jackets, it’s time for an evening of thrash metal in Utrecht’s venue of dB’s on this Thursday, May the 2nd. Tonight’s headliners are the Brazilian thrashers of Nervosa, but first the German thrashers of Rezet are going to warm up the place.

It seems that’s a task they fulfill very well. With their wild hair and ripped shirts they already bring a thrash metal vibe to the stage even before playing one single note. Quite soon it gets clear that Rezet puts a lot of energy in their show: there is a lot of movement on the stage and guitarist Heiko Musolf’s facial expressions also add a lot to the show. This energy also soon passes through to the audience resulting in many fists into the air, many heads banging and the first moshpit of this evening. Unfortunately there are a few technical problems, especially with the guitar of guitarist/vocalist Ricky Wagner. However his guitar gets replaced by another guitar during the song while he keeps singing his lyrics, this without it influencing his vocals. Rezet puts quite a few show-aspects in their show. They have a smoke-machine at the front of the stage of which the smoke divides like an mushroom cloud to the quite low ceiling, they also stand in this smoke during the show quite a few times. Rezet plays thrash metal with quite a bit of variation in their show, but of course there also are many roaring guitars and pounding drums. Bastian Santen and his drums also get some extra special time in the spotlights during Thunder Raiders. An example of that variation is within the song Breaking the Chains, they also have a bit more quiet part, which combined with the lights, the few lights that still were on, created a great atmosphere. Besides all this, Rezet also shows to have a lot of fun on stage, especially while Rick sings Have Gun, Will Travel and Heiko shows a Scrabble-box and point the letters during Rick’s “Travel”.

After Rezet’s show and a bit of waiting it is time for the Brazilian thrashers of Nervosa. While Rezet brings quite some show-aspects and fun to the stage, Nervosa plays their show in a much more serious, angrier and straight forward way. Vocalist/bass player Fernanda Lira brings most of the show-aspects in Nervosa’s show, by her moving on the stage, the extreme power she shows and her intense facial expressions that clearly shows she completely immerses into the music. She combines this very well with her extremely intense vocals that go through marrow and bone and her battering bass. It seems that Nervosa’s guitarist Prika Amaral also has quite an intense voice, but she isn’t using it very much during this show. However, when she does use it, the show gets a bit more variation and extra depth. Nervosa surely delivers a hell of a pounding set with a big amount of power at an extremely raging speed, which results in many people headbanging and quite a few moshpits. Something else that stands out are the pounding drums by Luana Dametto. It looks like she can use her perfect drumming skills quite easy at this raging speed, something that can surely be called quite special. Nervosa delivers an overwhelming show that almost bulldozes the audience. The only downside of this evening was during Nervosa’s show, but this for sure isn’t something Nervosa can do something about. Someone in the audience obviously wanted to marry Fernanda Lira as he was screaming this quite a few times. Fernanda clearly showed to find this annoying and she also reacted quick-witted with reactions such as: “I am already married” and “Nobody asks Kerry King that” (after many people screaming Slayer). After a few times, the audience also wanted him to stop and made that very clear.

All together, besides this downside, it was an well-worth, very pounding thrashing evening which will be felt for a few days by all neck muscles.

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