Review: Albez Duz – Enigmatic Rites

My inner ‘Beavis & Butthead’ is triggered when listening to this album: RRRRROCK! The bands fourth album is a creative mix of early heavy metal, doom, progressive music, sludge… you name it.

Opener Rites of the Hidden Souls is an energetic start, both rocking and dark. The band is well equipped with both good instruments and technique, as well as their knowledge of musical history and progression. Within five minutes they rock you into their own special world.
Wandering Soul takes the double time and with that has more time for darker interludes and spun out themes.
The song with the most intriguing name is Participation Mystique Totalitaire and has clear hints to 70s psychedelic sounds, just as easily mixed with doomy vocals and halfway changing to old skool heavy metal.
Fourth song on the album When the Bird Fledges is -to me- a great one, because I like mysterious and slow build-ups. And that is exactly what you get! Totally sludge/doom.
In total six songs fill this album (most of the songs between eight and ten minutes, though) with an exclusive bonus track on the CD. A nice idea, because it would stimulate buying instead of just listening on spotify 😊 The extra song, Only Lies, is a nice way to get to know the band, just long enough, with a fresh mix of guitarsolo and darker sounds.

All in all the album is a nice addition to the first three albums and in a way more accessible then the others, maybe because of the recognisable heavy metal sound mixed into the songs. RRRROCK ON!

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