Live review: Lamb of God, Une Misère and Antropomorphia at 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, June 18th, 2019

Three years ago Lamb of God planned to perform in Tilburgs venue of 013, but back then they canceled their show because of the terror attack in the French Bataclan venue. On Tuesday June the 18th they came back to 013 and this time they were playing their show. As supports they brought the Icelandic band Une Misère and the Dutch metallers of Antropomorphia, of which Tilburg is their hometown.

Antropomorphia is the first band that will be on stage this evening. Tonight’s show is sold out, but the venue is far from busy during this first show. This probably has something to do with the fact that the blackened death metal Antropomorphia plays is something quite different compared to the music Lamb of God plays and many people probably aren’t waiting for something like this. The people that are already present aren’t that enthusiastic either. At the beginning of their half hour long show a few people are headbanging, but this could also be because of Tilburg being their hometown. Later on during the set some more people are getting a bit more enthusiastic. However, Antropomorphia surely executes their show very well. It may be the same rhythm for the main part of their show and their show might be quite static and, because of that, a bit boring to watch what’s happening on stage, but this surely fits their style. However, it probably would fit better with other bands.

During the shows of Une Misère and Lamb of God there’s happening a lot more, on stage as well as through the immense dose of energy that unleashes within the audience.

Of those two bands it first is time for the Icelanders of Une Misère. It becomes clear quite soon that a lot of people are being very enthusiastic or curious about this band, looking at the many people that got inside the venue in the meantime. Something which isn’t weird, because of the fact that Une Misère already played a few shows in The Netherlands, among those being three shows in Tilburg during Roadburn 2018. That Une Misère deserves this great enthusiasm also becomes clear quite soon after they have entered the stage. The energy that Une Misère shows on stage from the first moments on is immense. The entire band, except drummer Benjamín Bent Árnason of course, really is raging across the stage, with vocalist Jón Már Ásbjörnsson leading from the front. This show is intense as fuck! That there, besides this perfectly executed show and the immense energy, also is quite some emotion can be seen while looking at Jón Már Ásbjörnsson during the last song Une Misère plays. As you soon can read in our interview with Jón Már Ásbjörnsson it is a dream coming true for him to warm up for Lamb of God. That Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe is constantly taking pictures of Une Misère’s show from the side of the stage probably is a big compliment. A compliment that, just as the big enthusiasm of the audience, is very well deserved. That’s something Une Misère definitely proves. Haven’t you seen this band play live yet? Be sure to check them out, especially live, because it sure is worth it!

A few minutes before Lamb of God will be entering the stage, the venue became quite packed, especially at the front. Is that something that affects the enormous energy negatively? Sure not! The audience is completely going crazy during Lamb of God’s show. Everywhere fists and devil horns are in the air, many people are headbanging, there is a circle pit, which even is across the venue’s entire width at some moment. This really is a madhouse, in a positive way of course! For the main part at least, because there unfortunately are a few dickheads in the audience. However most of the people are contributing to making this a really awesome and extremely intense experience for everyone. On stage Randy Blythe shows the most energy, he jumps around on the stage while spitting out his lyrics. Lamb of God pounds extremely heavy and while drummer Chris Adler isn’t behind the drum kit, his fill-in Art Cruz is doing a pretty great job. Lamb of God dedicates two songs, one to supports Antopomorphia and Une Misère and one to Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine who announced to have throat cancer a few days earlier.

It may be clear that this was a very nice, pounding evening. Every evening should be like this one!

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