Review: Odyssey – The Swarm

Progressive metal trio Odyssey hails from Spokane, USA. The band was established in 2007 and already has a quite vast discography. This year, the guys add to it with the release of their fourth full-length record, called The Swarm. Let’s give it a go!

Kick-off-track is Infestation, which starts quite brutally, only then to adopt a doom-like vibe towards the middle of the track. Heavy bass riffs run you over like a tank. Yes, it’s pretty intense, that one. Towards the end you’ll find quite a bit of change in tempi, which is not really my thing in general, but here Odyssey still manage to not make that overbearing. Next up is The Culling, which has almost a Rock’n’Roll sound to it in the beginning. Our Days are Numbered starts off rather frantic, only to switch then to a quite dreamy passage halfway. Ultimately, it is traded for a quite frantic ending. Next track The Calm Before honors its name, as it’s coursing through your ears like a mellow river, before the calm is then indeed destroyed by the arrival of The Swarm. Stomping sounds make way for almost ethereal melodies. Hive Mind is another rather soft track to allow you to breathe through… mostly, because that one also has its heavy moments. Ether is very ambient as well, lulling you in. The calm is over, then, with Perdition. All the different facades that the guys have to offer are brought together in The Great Dying, before the record finishes off with Lapse, a very somber, post-apocalyptic sounding track.

In conclusion: the days are gone that a total instrumental record, as is The Swarm, would stand for a soft, ambient listening experience. Rather, Odyssey take us on a journey that is filled with all sorts of styles and never close to being boring. As stated above, I’m usually not a huge fan of a quirky blend of too many different styles and tempi, but in this instance, it works really well. The guys manage to take you on a journey, so get ready and give this one a spin! 9.5/10.

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