Promoting Bands Part 32 Dutch Edition


Here we have a new part of Promoting Bands for you! This is the third Dutch Edition, the first one is here, the second one here.

Of course we also mentioned Dutch bands in parts that also included bands from elsewhere. Below you can find links to read our earlier Promoting Bands parts (again), Dutch bands that are included are mentioned behind them. 

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Tim van Velthuysen

The Fifth Alliance

I already mentioned them earlier in our eighth part of Promoting Bands, the blackened sludgers of The Fifth Alliance. Back then the in 2015 released Death Poems was the band’s latest album. Since that time The Fifth Alliance had one line-up change, drummer Ashwin left and was replaced by Tim van der Zanden, who you might know as a former DutchMetalManiac writer. The other band members are vocalist Silvia Saunders, guitarists Niels Termote and Matthijs Keuvelaar and bass player Ruud Verhoeven. Now, four years after Death Poems‘ release, The Fifth Alliance released a successor to it. This successor, titled The Depth of the Darkness, became a very nice album, in which atmospheric melodies, Silvia’s intense vocals and Tim’s pounding drums are brought together in a perfect combination. This is dark, hypnotizing, intense and powerful, all together. The Depth of the Darkness is an album you wouldn’t want to miss! A very awesome album by a very nice band!

The Fifth Alliance Facebook
The Fifth Alliance Twitter
The Fifth Alliance Instagram

Vain Louie

Photo by Beeldfanaat

Vocalist Ruben Jeurissen, guitarists Scott Hoeks (who also does backing vocals) and Thijs Janssen, bass player Willem Lam and drummer Sander Jeurissen play together in a band called Vain Louie. Their musical style is a mix between hardcore and metalcore, at some moments quite catchy, but also aggressive and pounding. In May last year they released their debut single Turning Point, accompanied by a video. Now these guys released a second single, again accompanied by a video. This second single is titled Danger of Death and is about the fear in a society in which the threat of terrorism only seems to become greater and greater, while the citizens are feeling more and more unsafe. Compared to Turning Point Vain Louie sounds much more powerful on Danger of Death, which surely became an awesome track. Is hardcore/metalcore something you dig? Be sure to check this out!

Vain Louie Facebook
Vain Louie Instagram

Cyanide Paradise

Earlier this year guitarist/vocalist Martin Vos and bass player Jeff Wennekes formed a new band, Cyanide Paradise. A bit later vocalist Linn Liv was added to the band and more recently Cyanide Paradise also welcomed second guitarist Sebastiaan Pongers as a band member, while they, based on their most recent Facebook post, probably already found there yet to be announced drummer. Cyanide Paradise’s musical style is melodic death metal. Despite the fact that Cyanide Paradise’s existence is quite short yet, they already released their debut EP in July. On Reach for the Stars, as this debut EP is titled, Cyanide Paradise shows to have found a very nice sounding balance between melody and brutality. Especially Linn Liv’s vocals that go through marrow and bone are standing out. Do you like to listen to melodic death metal? Be sure to give this debut EP by this very promising band called Cyanide Paradise a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Cyanide Paradise Official Website
Cyanide Paradise Facebook
Cyanide Paradise Instagram


The first active period of the heavy metallers of Martyr is already a while ago. That period, in which they released two albums, started in 1982 and ended in 1989. Since 2005, Martyr is back in active mode though and they again released two albums, one in 2011 and one in 2016. Of Martyr’s current line-up only guitarist Rick Bouwman and vocalist Rop van Haren experienced Martyr’s first active period as a band member. The other current band members are guitarist Geoffrey Maas, drummer Rick Valcon and bass player Vinnie Wassink. In February Martyr played live in Japan for the second time. Martyr recorded their shows in Osaka for a live album. That live album, titled Live in Japan, was released in May. On this live album it can be heard that Martyr played a very powerful show and that the vibe of the show is very nicely catched on the album.

Martyr Facebook
Martyr Twitter


Vocalist Micky Huijsmans, guitarist Cas Kruse, bass player Jim Onstenk and drummer Wouter Macaré are Porselain. The music these four create is almost impossible to put in one specific box. On Porselain’s Youtube channel there are three songs to be found, a live version of Port, Hiraeth and Mortiferous, in an electric version as well as in an acoustic version. On these three songs Micky Huijsmans’ beautiful vocals that are full of emotion are standing out the most, while Porselain is also very nice instrumentally. Musically Porselain isn’t that heavy all the time, but almost all of it contains a very dark vibe. They also show a lot of variation where there seems to almost be no borders. Port sounds quite relaxed and loungy, while it later becomes heavier and almost sludgy, while Hiraeth sounds quite atmospheric and changes between dreamier, ritualistic-sounding more quiet parts and heavier post-metal parts. Mortiferous, of which the electric version is the most recently released video, mainly is quite quiet, but in a dark and tension-building way to explode in a heavy ending. Of course this is far less the case in Mortiferous‘ acoustic version, but that one is also definitely worth checking out! Just recently they announced that they are going to release their debut album, titled Duende, on October the 25th. I’m really looking forward to that!

Porselain Facebook


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