Review: The Lumberjack Feedback – Mere Mortals

In all honesty…the first thing I have to think about when hearing the word ‘Lumberjack’ is Monty Python’s Lumberjacksong… A lot of fun, but hardly anything heavy. Luckily, I had the opportunity to review The Lumberjack Feedback’s debut album, almost four years ago, so I knew what to expect from these guys. Pure instrumental pounding heavy heaven-ness.
Which is exactly what they deliver. In the line of bands like Amenra and God is an Astronaut, The Lumberjack Feedback creates a dark landscape in all their songs. The music is less varied than God is an Astronaut and less depressive than Amenra. And sometimes less is more.

With titles like Therapy, Kill Kill Kill Die Die Die and A White Horse Called Death it is not hard to imagine depression and aggression, yet the aggression seems withheld, making it thematically heavier.
There are a few moments of relative peace as well, as heard in New Order (of the Ages) Part 1 and the start of the twelve minute long last song Kobe (Doors of Spirit).

This last song spins out its theme long enough to drag you in, making great musical landscape. Listening to this album at full volume, with the bass on 10 one can really dive into the music.

In all fairness, their first album grabbed me more than this one, it is less fresh, less powerful…and sometimes less…is just less. (But hell, I rated their first album as a great debut with kick ass metal riffs… Not easy to top that!) So, less then a nine is still an eight!

You can read our earlier review of The Lumberjack Feedback’s Blackened Visions here.

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