Review: Eluveitie – Live at Masters of Rock

Eluveitie, one of Switzerland’s most successful metal exports, is known for its unique blend of folk and melodic death metal. They have been in my life for many years – however, unfortunately, I have never seen them live so far. Now, with their recent live album, released on November 1st via Nuclear Blast, us fans can have a taste of Eluveitie’s live performance at home.

The concert was recorded at the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic, as part of the supporting tour of Eluveitie’s current album, Ategnatos. It is not surprising then that many songs are taken out of this album: Ategnatos, Deathwalker, Worship, Ambiramus, Breathe and Rebirth. It is amazing to hear how all these songs work out very well live: it’s a very bombastic, at times even almost overwhelming listening experience. By the sound of it, these songs also worked really well for the audience – almost as well as the classics we all came to know and love, namely King, The Call Of The Mountains, Thousandfold and Inis Mona. The whole package is rounded off by songs taken from the Helvetios and Evocation II albums.

My biggest fear was that the sound would be an issue, as so often is the case with live performances. However, the producers did an excellent job here as well – all instruments, even those with a general weaker sound such as the flute, are crystal clear. Still, this album doesn’t feel over-produced, but rather maintains the charme that comes with a live performance. You can just grasp the energy and joy the musicians bring to the stage… and those will stay with you long after the last note of Inis Mona is played. Thus, this album comes highly recommended – 10/10.

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