Review: Dead End Finland – Inter Vivos

Dead End Finland are back! After 2017’s Slaves to the Greed, which grew rapidly on me, the guys now release Inter Vivos – and I am curious what they came up with this time.

Of course the electronic part is in there again, and dominates opener Deathbed. That one is partly brutal, and partly very melodic. That is even better blended together in Closer to Extinction, which is my favorite track off the album. The following Lifelong Tragedy is a very opulent, bombastic song, while Tightrope dials back and has more of a rock-flair to it. Aliens seem to land at the very beginning of Dark Horizon, while the song stomps on in the background. It’s a quite calm, reduced song with a dark atmosphere. Dead Calm is a nice piano interlude with one crescendo in there – a sign of what there is to come? Yes, it is. War Forevermore is a pressing, in-your-face song that disrupts the calm that was created by the previous two tracks. My Pain floats along, and then makes way for Born Hollow, a track that once again combines synths, rock, metal, calm and brutal parts very nicely. Last up: In Memoriam. While that associates depressing, doomish funeral-music at first, it is a beautiful ballad with some opulent touches to it – and a great, calming way to close off this record.

In conclusion: the guys stand by their eclectic mix of metal and electronic music. While that sometimes resulted in weird and hilarious situations on Slaves to the Greed, this time around the guys manage to combine those styles very nicely. As you might have guessed, I like this record very much, and so will you, I’m sure. 10/10.

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