News: Free Dynamo Metalfest/Into the Grave/Das Oktober Metalfest tickets for people working in healthcare

The corona-virus hits everyone hard. It also hits the event business hard. One of those event businesses, Loud Noise, who are behind many concerts and festivals, such as Prognosis, Dynamo Metalfest, Into the Grave and Das Oktober Metalfest, now has a very special action for people that are working extra hard at this moment: people working in healthcare.

As a thank you for these people Loud Noise is giving away free tickets for their three upcoming festivals, Dynamo Metalfest, Into the Grave and Das Oktober Metalfest. Everyone can tag their personal heroes who work in healthcare below the posts with the shared festival posters on social media.

DutchMetalManiac also thanks everyone working in healthcare, as well as everyone else helping each other through these times.

You can read our earlier live review of Dynamo Metalfest 2017 here, as well as the one of Dynamo Metalfest 2019 here (day 1) and here (day 2)

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