Campaign/Petition: Liefde voor Muziek

The coronavirus affects many people, including everyone involved in live music. It not only affects the artists but it also affects others, including ticket companies, booking agencies, organizers, backliners, (tour)managers, program bookers, venues, music-press, sound- and light-technicians, rehearsal space owners, stagebuilders, caterers, security people, merchandisers, (tent- and bus) rental companies, marketeers, promoters.

The campaign of Liefde voor Muziek (“Love for Music”) is there to show the Dutch government how big and diverse the Dutch music industry is, along with its cultural and economic worth, as well as to show them how important (live)music is to the society. Not only for the people creating music and the people around them, but also for the people visiting live events: the countless concerts in venues as well as the 1100 yearly festivals. The goal is that the government takes the already made suggestions and proposals seriously and that they quickly present a good long-term plan to save our music industry.

With signing the petition of Liefde voor Muziek, fans can show the government how important (live)music is to them personally. Next month the people behind Liefde voor Muziek are going to hand the results of the petition to the responsible ministers.

DutchMetalManiac of course supports this and that’s why we already signed the petition.

Hopefully you’ll do so too! You can do so here.

Liefde voor Muziek Official Website
Liefde voor Muziek Facebook
Liefde voor Muziek Instagram
Liefde voor Muziek Twitter

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