News: Decibels for dB’s – Metal bands team up for plagued venue in Utrecht

No less than 17 metal bands have teamed up for a unique compilation album in support of dB’s, the premier independent underground venue in Utrecht. The venue has suffered some serious setbacks and is now in dire straits.

First, the forced closure in response to Covid-19. The sound of live music, clinking glasses and chatter was replaced by deafening silence.

Second, a raging fire recently damaged the monumental building.

And on top of that, the aspirations by the city council and project developers to upgrade the neighbourhood with dB’s being left out of the equation. There is a growing concern that dB’s might not survive this threat.

Support needed

Sidney Simon, booker, festival organizer and one of the initiators, explains: ‘This venue has been an important meeting place at the heart of our community. So we owe it to ourselves and to dB’s, to support them in any way we can’.

Collectors item

The album features 17 diverse metal bands: Beyond the Pale, Shinigami, Wrang, Hordearii, Rites, Detonation, Gizåh, Grindpad, Lovell’s Blade, Grafjammer, Kutschurft, Black Silence, Terzij de Horde, Mary Fields, Disquiet, Stormram, and Wesenwille. The bands have one thing in common: they all have dB’s as their home base. The compilation includes exclusive live renditions and previously unreleased tracks. The cd is exclusively limited to 500 copies worldwide, each painstakingly numbered by hand.

Order your copy while they last via dB’s official website or dB’s Bandcamp. Price is Pay What You Want (PWYW), with a minimum set at € 10. All proceeds will go to dB’s.

About dB’s

The venue, which has been around for over 25 years, includes a stage, 17 rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, bar, expo space and a vegan fast-food kitchen. Additionally, it offers capacity for practical lessons for vocational training provider NPAC. No wonder dB’s has grown into a vital hang-out spot for musicians and music lovers alike.

Here you can read our live review of Wesenwille alongside Noctem and Evil Oath at dB’s, while you can read our live reviews of three other shows that took place at dB’s here (Violator, Nuclear Devastation and The Shining), here (Black Earth Festival’s Saturday with Fistula, Grime, Dirt Forge, Sūrya, Bethmoora and Prisa Mata) and here (Nervosa and Rezet). You can also read our 14th part of Promoting Bands, which includes Grafjammer, here.

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